We have submitted a planning application to North Ayrshire Council for a bespoke one-off private house in a rural area of North Ayrshire. The house is designed with careful consideration of the countryside context and in response to the broader rural aesthetic, offering a positive visual contribution to the landscape.
While generous in size, it is discreet in appearance, continuous in scale and language with surrounding agricultural setting of both the Paddocks site overall, and the broader recognisable rural appearance.
The design splits a conventual overall large domestic form into a cluster of simple shapes, robust, practical and typical of the wider agricultural character. Clipped eaves and hard-wearing materials further echo the familiar aesthetic to create contemporary rural forms in the landscape.
The proposals adopt two architectural treatments relative to the siting in the landscape. A solid appearance is maintained to the road facing front elevations, with a much more open and softer domestic feel to the rear, overlooking the land and nearby golf course.

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