Planning consent for a new £7.5 million Hamilton Premier Inn, designed by LMA Architects, has been approved by South Lanarkshire Council.

Whitbread continue the expansion of its Premier Inn brand with proposals for a 96-bedroom hotel and restaurant at the junction of Townhead Street and the A723 on the edge of the town centre. The proposals also include for a separate 4,00sq.ft unit for future. This Premier Inn will be delivered by NDG and will bring new employment and increased footfall to the town centre.

The development will include the demolition of the Hamilton Town Hotel for a five-storey contemporary build behind a ‘feature frame’ frontage and white render above a ground floor glazed plinth.

Stephen McGhee, Principal of LMA Architects, said “We are delighted that the scheme has received consent despite the fact that the proposals included the demolition of a listed building. Whilst consideration was given in incorporate the listed building into the design, the structure had lain open and neglected for years and could not be saved.”

He added, “The new hotel was universally supported by the Councillors at the planning committee and will bring investment and new life to an area of Hamilton that has been neglected over the past few years.”

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